Industrial and Logistics Schemes

Optimize the size of the industrial and logistical scheme in support of equipment

The asset support system structure is a major performance lever, for example when it comes to choosing the number and location of maintenance or repair sites. Strategic decisions of this kind must be based on a firm understanding and modelling of the present and future ecosystem.

Context and challenges

The location of maintenance, repair, or spare parts storage sites must be the result of trade-offs, specifically between real needs of proximity and opportunities for pooling. more
Geographically dispersed assets are particularly problematic, as they raise questions regarding industrial and logistics performance optimization, e.g. infrastructure, vehicle fleet, industrial assets.

The Maintenance Supervisors are likely to insist on needs of proximity (of inventory, maintenance service providers, and/or repair sites), whereas Supply Chain Managers will be inclined to pool industrial and logistics costs wherever possible. These players must reach a compromise on quantified bases.

Trade-offs can also depend on the level of maintenance, with basic maintenance being carried out locally and more advanced maintenance being performed remotely.

The structure and the cost of the support system have a significant impact on the total cost of ownership (TCO) and, to a greater extent, the performance of industrial asset support.


How can Argon Consulting help you?

  • Analyzing needs of proximity and opportunities for pooling, both in relation to industry and logistics, e.g. location of maintenance operations based on the level of maintenance, repair management system, scaling and location of spare parts based on the type of needs (foreseeability, reactivity, etc.)
  • Designing industrial and logistics systems to be able to optimize the availability of assets, while reducing costs using modeling methods
  • Constructing and evaluating different industrial and logistics scenarios
  • Transferring skills relating to the modeling tools designed