Tactical Asset Management

Optimize the planning of long-term non-availability

Major shutdowns and heavy maintenance, repair, or modernization operations have a significant impact on the availability of assets. It is therefore necessary to ensure that these shutdowns are well-executed; rigorous planning of operations and critical resources are required in order for this to happen.

Context and challenges

A percentage of any fleet of assets will be affected by long-term unavailability, due to major maintenance shutdowns and operations to modernize or reorganize the fleet.

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These operations form an integral part of fleet management, which should take into account the range of configurations installed and the age of the assets. There must always be enough available assets to guarantee the expected service.

Tactical asset allocation offers solutions to these problems. It requires both sound planning of operations and good medium-term management of the fleet and any changes it undergoes.

It relies on close collaboration with the internal or external entities responsible for maintenance operations. Therefore, it is essential to plan critical resource loads and/or capacities.

How Argon Consulting can help you?

  • Analyzing the business line processes for operations planning in the medium to long term
  • Implementing the necessary activity modelling tools required for the correct allocation of resources
  • Translating expected improvements into gains, in terms of both operations and asset availability
  • Transferring skills relating to tools and processes for implementation, for the effective management of operations in the medium to long term