Management Team Alignment

Give meaning and engage management to accelerate change

In a context of increasingly rapid transformation and changing behavior, employees are becoming stakeholders and are more likely to accept change if the project provides meaning and vision, if it is in their interests, if they have the resources and capacity to implement it, and if they know how to apply the new developments.

Context and challenges

The Envision phase defines or formulates the vision for the mobilization project. That vision is challenged and co-developed with the management to ensure that key stakeholders buy into the transformation. This phase also plans the change management by defining its outline and strategy. In particular, it addresses the 'interest' in changing.

The aims of the Envision phase are to:

  • Define the mobilizing vision
  • Define the change management strategy (aspects to address, guidelines addressing them, to what degree) more
  • Ensure that the management affected by the project as well as the project management are aligned regarding the vision and transformation method

This phase therefore involves:

  • Interviews. It is possible to define a mobilizing vision if you 'put yourself in the shoes' of the various project stakeholders: the project management, the general management, the people affected by the project (internal or external)
  • Assessment of the maturity and appetite for change specific to the company’s culture, or even that of the different entities (partner analysis)
  • Identification of the change adoption profile for the project (e.g. resistance to a reorganization project is generally strong and immediate but tends to decrease following its implementation, whereas resistance to the installation of a new IT system is gradual but increases just before its deployment)
  • Identification of project-related risks
  • Analysis of the consequences and degree of change for each group of stakeholders, both at a functional and emotional level (impact analysis).

This phase is concluded with a project management team and general management seminar, which provides an opportunity to co-develop the mobilizing vision and the change management strategy, and to deal with any potential resistance. It also ensures management buy into the project’s success, and serves to define the short-term communication priorities.

This initial project phase is managed at Argon with experienced teams who have sufficient legitimacy to guarantee management alignment as well as support senior management in their decision-making process.


How can Argon Consulting help you?

  • Expertise and experience acquired by its consultants in transformation projects
  • Consultants’ operational experience