5 key success factors

Our experience with Shared Services projects has led us to identify five key factors in ensuring successful implementation:

  1. Support of top management and buy-in by the managers affected by the project
  2. Anticipation and management of the project’s social dimension
  3. Choice of location and site of Shared Services
  4. Selectiveness in recruitment to build quality teams
  5. Preparation and rigorous management of the critical transition phase

The length of the implementation phase depends on the number of sites to be migrated. It can be broken down into a preparation stage, a transition stage during which activities are transferred to Shared Services, and a stabilization stage.

The implementation program is structured around eight major project fields that are highly interdependent: more
  • Social and communication: definition of social strategy, preparation and follow-up of the information and consultation phase, and management of communications
  • Infrastructure: choice of location, site selection, contractualization, preparation of infrastructure
  • Organization and governance: detailed design of target organization and governance, job description sheets, planning and follow-up of recruitment and training
  • Processes: validation of detailed scope, documentation of processes
  • Information systems: identification and implementation of information system developments (e.g. access and authorization, workflows)
  • SLA, KPIs and charge-back: definition of services and management indicators, baselining, performance and charge-back monitoring
  • Transition: preparation for business migration, communications, management of knowledge transfer and workshadowing, stabilization management
  • Project management and governance: definition of project governance, organization and milestones, project management, and risk identification and management


How can Argon Consulting help you?

Argon Consulting supports its clients in all stages of implementing a Shared Services project and across all project fields, both in France and internationally. Our experts have fifteen years' experience implementing Shared Services; they are able to control the related risks and accelerate the process.